Preparation for the international exam TestDaF

Preparation for the international exam TestDaF

The international exam in German language TestDaF shows high knowledge of the German language. Successful examination of TestDaF is obligatory for anyone who decided to enter the German university. Validity of TestDaF is unlimited.

Why do you need TestDaF?

Matriculation to German university.

Confirmation of a good knowledge of the German language.

Maintenance of a variety of scientific research at a German university.

Proof of German language skills for those who work in the field of science in the German-speaking countries.

The main components of TestDaF:

Understanding and analysis of a German text;

Listening recognition of the German language;

Representation of your thoughts in the German language in a written form;

Literal spoken language.

Where and how to check TestDaF?

The examination is conducted and verified in Germany TestDaF-Institut (Hagen, Deutschland).

The test results are known in 6-8 weeks after the exam.

Each point of the examination is evaluated and the evaluation will be inserted in the certificate. There is no general result.

Evaluation of the test is given at the following levels:

  1. TestDaF 3 (TDN3)
  2. TestDaF 4 (TDN4)
  3. TestDaF 5 (TDN5) – the highest rating.

Description of evaluations:

If you have received the highest rating TDN5 in all four aspects, you are allowed to study at the university without limitations.

Evaluation TDN4 is also suitable to enter to many German universities.

If you have received TDN3 you may enter a German university but the decision takes an university itself. In this case you have to attend classes in German language for a certain level of knowledge of the language.

If you have not received TDN3 at least at one aspect, you will not be allowed to study at a German university.

Passing the exam TestDaF is not limited in the number of attempts.

Testing is carried out throughout the world 6 times a year.

Necessary documents for TestDaF:

– A photocopy of the passport with a photo.

– A completed application form.

– Receipt of payment for the exam.

More information on TestDaF you can find on the official website of the exam.

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