Report on a student from South Korea in the SMART Center

русский язык для иностранцев
Intensive course “Russian as a foreign language”

Report on a student from South Korea in the SMART Center

“The Korean’s adventures in Pridnestrovie” – that’s what the report of the TV program “The Morning Air” on  the First Republican Channel has been called. But seriously, Park has arrived in Pridnestrovie , with an important purpose – to increase the level of Russian and to study business vocabulary. Guess where he was trained? Of course in the Center of languages and translations of “SMART”.  So,  watch the report and  rate:)

Meet Park Shi-Hoon, a tourist from South Korea. He likes Russian very much and came to our country to learn it. Park started to study Russian when he was in the army and having an hour of free time every day, he didn’t want to waste it. He admits it was not easy because there were no teachers, just him and the books. But then after enrolling on the Course of Russian at the university, his level improved considerably. And indeed, Park’s Russian is very good and fluent, but, as a proverb says, the sky is the limit. At the moment Park is learning Business Russian which is necessary for his business. Before starting the course he was tested at Smart Center and his language proficiency was assessed as B1. So the studying was not difficult and both the teacher and the student enjoyed it. His teacher describes him as very punctual, polite, sociable and talkative. While studying he told some interesting facts about his country like people age. It was surprising for us to know that in South Korea Park is two years older than in Pridnestrovie. And in his turn it seemed pretty weird for Park to learn that some people in our country don’t know Samsung is South-Korean firm, not Japanese or Chinese. We wanted to surprise our guest with our national food like borshch but Park turned out to have eaten it before. He was honest enough to tell us he likes borshch much spicier but another Moldavian dish – mamalyga with brynza (a kind of cheese) and chicken was really delicious. He also told that they in South Korea like all sorts of rice soup and even have a similar one to our borshch! But to our greatest surprise Korean carrot – a spicy food wide-spread in our country – has nothing in common with Korean cuisine! And it was brown bread that Park had never eaten before he came to Pridnestrovie, but, to tell the truth, it wasn’t to his taste.

All in all, Park enjoyed staying in Tiraspol. He said he wasn’t afraid to come here. He liked its peaceful and quiet atmosphere with warm-hearted kind people and he added that he would definitely come again!!!

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