Effective lessons to foreign language

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Effective lessons to foreign language

A lot f people ask who to study foreign language. All of you remembers, perhaps, school and university where you read- translate-retell, where lessons were without development of  listening skill and speaking skills.

That is why the study of a foreign language should be on all the 5th aspect of language:

  1. Speaking
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Grammar

Each aspect is import to study a proper line language, because we want to be understand in hotels, airport, at the meetings, through all of this we can express ourselves proper. It is important that all is combine with the exercises to solidify knowledge

  1. Listen
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Look at the photo
  5. Work in pairs
  6. Work in groups
  7. Match
  8. Fill in the gaps
  9. Compare answers
  10. Listen and check
  11. Listen and practice
  12. Ask and answers the questions.

In our Center from the first lesson we are getting in language atmosphere, all the instructions and comments are in the foreign language. For someone this method is uncomfortable, because it is out of our limits, “ aggressive”, but this method works and give real very good result by the end as other.

But don’t be scare, because the teacher is using the individual approach to each student is guaranteed and will be chosen the most optimal variant for you and at the beginner lessons all the material will have Russian explanations.

We are open minded and all the time we propose you to pass first lesson for free, where you will get in the world of exercises and new knowledge.

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