Level A2

Courses of English Language for adults

Level A2


This level is designed for students who previously studied English (school, university, and so on) and if they want to improve their knowledge, especially the speaking.

Orientation of the course

The main purpose of this course is developing  all language skills as speaking, reading,, writing and listening.

Learning tasks

Right presentation of your ideas in English, improve listening skills, maintain dialogues on usual themes and to improve the listening skills.

Course results

At the end of this course the student will:

– Possibility to travel without guide and orientation in usual situations.

-Understand the structure of the English language: the structure of the sentence, phonetic, the basic vocabulary in an amount more than 2000 words and expressions;

-Speak correctly in English language: understand the foreign speech, the possibility to maintain the dialogue.

– Possibility to explain with simple terms the basic aspects of your experience, of the environment, question of first necessity.

Course description

The course consists of:

– 20% – grammar and new vocabulary; 20% of reading and writing; listening – 30%; speaking- 30%;

– To study new vocabulary and to use more than  2000 words.

– Communication is only in English during the learning, but all grammar explanations are in Russian.

– The use of games, video to form the basis of speaking language.

– The student will study 12 units, at the end of each unit is test and at the end of the course is a final test paper.

– In the process of learning we use: 2 books ( Student’s and Activity book) that’s include 3  Audio CDs.

Topics of the lesson

How do you do? Personal dates. Pause. Lost property. What’s important? Time is money. Where is the baby? My day. Free time. Early bird. First meeting! Films. Where do I live? What do we wear? Life out of office. Free day. Moving.

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