German language course for beginners

German language course for beginners

Level A1

Target group

German Classes for beginners are designed for people who have never learned the language before.

Objectives of the course

The correct pronunciation, literate speech, reading and spelling.

Learning objectives

Proper line of your thoughts in German language, listening recognition, dialoging on everyday topics.

Course results

  • Upon completion of the course “German for Beginners”, students will easily be able to travel to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other German-speaking countries.
  • They will also be able to communicate with native speakers in everyday situations and that is very important when you are in a foreign country.
  • Understanding the structure of German language: the sentence structure, phonetics, basic vocabulary to the extent of more than 2,000 words and phrases.
  • Proper communication in German language: the understanding of speech, the ability to support the dialogue on daily topics, communication abroad.

Course Description

  • Learning German alphabet and read some letter combinations rule.
  • The structure of a German sentence and its features.
  • The basic German language course includes the study of more than 2,000 words and phrases.
  • Each lecture consists of three thematic situations which include dialogues on everyday topics.
  • Study of the songs and poems in German language which helps to learn a new material, especially the pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Training of the studied material because after each lesson homework is given which includes a study of new words and expressions and grammar exercises.
  • To understand a German language students are encouraged to listen to the dialogues on the CD, and they also watch different situations in the DVD format. This training system is very effective as students can watch the facial expressions and gestures of the speakers, thus it helps them to understand the German culture of communication.

Topics of lessons

Greetings. House. Family. Job. Profession. Free time. Dates. Clock. Shops. Products. Clothing. A restaurant. Sport. Journey. In the city. The weather. Transport.