French language improving course level B1

French language in Transnistria (TMR)

Level B1


This level is designed for students who previously studied French, but they want to improve their knowledge, especially the speaking.

Orientation of the course

The main aim of this course is  developing  the communication, extend the vocabulary and grammatical skills, study new grammar constructions and its using .

Learning tasks

Further development of language skills: speaking, listening, vocabulary.

Course results

At the end of this course the student will:

– Possibility to travel without guide and orientation in usual situations;

– Understand the structure of the French language: the structure of the French sentence, phonetic, the basic vocabulary in an amount more than 1500 words and expressions;

– Speak correctly on French language: to give and argument your opinion and ideas, to keep personal and business mail of medium difficulty;

-Understand the main idea and clear phrases done on the literature language on the different themes, usual have at your work, study, free time and so on..

– You can understand a lot of radio and TV set programs and news.

– You can read tailored books on French language.

Course description

The course consists of:

– 20% – grammar and new vocabulary; 20% of reading and writing; listening – 20%; speaking- 40%;

– To study new vocabulary and to use more than  2000 words.

– Communication is only in French during the learning, but all grammar explanations are in Russian.

– The use of games, video to form the basis of speaking language.

– In the process of learning we use: 2 books ( Student’s and Activity book) that’s include 3  Audio CDs.

Topics of the lessons

Types of consumer habits. Routes. Teaching methods. Go to college. Mass media. Press readers. Data processing. Actions of solidarity. Means of action. Opening of French artists and their work. Criticism of the play. Ecology. Justice. The historical process. Detectives. Travelling in Francophonie countries. Travelling writers.

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