English language for kids

English language for kids!

These courses are dedicated to the kids aged 4 to 12. The programs are composed considering as well the special abilities of kids development for each group with the use of Cambridge methodology of learning.

The course includes the methods of kids motivation, to be more active and to be more effective from that’s like creativity and curiosity. Songs, poems, games as well extracurricular activities and theatrical performance encourage to create a creative atmosphere at the lesson, as a result it forms the basis of using the strategic sounds and visual associations in English language.

One of the advantage of games is that the pupils are working together. Taking part in the games develops the ability of collaboration, competition, not with attack. The learning through game technology encourages the pupils to develop their memory, creativity, attention. The ability of getting the information through interesting vocal and linguistically and grammatical games are transferred slowly to the other activities.

The using of nontraditional methods of learning helps  to  captivate the kid in the English world, to make the condition to archiving success in the English learning.

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