Corporate training of language

Corporate training  of language.

In modern world the knowledge of a foreign language is your future success in each business, that is why the corporate training of foreign language in the most effective method to improve the level of knowing of your employees and to give a new direction on the developing of your company.

The advantage of corporate learning in the center “ SMART”

The corporate learning of our clients is done using the individual programs. The learning program is composed in dependence of the company specialty and individual taken of the employees, considering the wished level of knowledge and the time limits, that you have for study a language.

The learning course is based on the modern effective methods and as well the using of interactive resources.

Flexible schedule. The time of lessons is chosen individual considering needs of your company.

Convenience for your employees. The lessons can be done on your office and in time convenient for your employees.

The learning is done by experienced teachers with high linguistic educaton.

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