Business Rumanian

Romanian language in Transnistria (TMR)

Business Rumanian


This course is designed for entrepreneurs, people who have its one business, work in a foreign companies, or are planning to work, who earlier had studied the Rumanian language and have the levels A2 and B1.

Orientation of the course

The main aim of this course is to extent their vocabulary and grammar skills, to improve their speaking skills which are connected with Business theme.

Learning tasks

To develop the speaking skills and to give your opinion on Rumanian in business situations (to overcome the language barrier), to extend your vocabulary and to use it on the business theme in Rumanian.

Results of the course

The basic vocabulary on the amount of 1000 words and expressions.

To acquire the skill of making presentations and negotiations in Rumanian

To use certainly Rumanian in your work, as well in communication with non-residents of your company.

To maintain business phone conversations.

To use certainly Rumanian in your business trips abroad.

To maintain business correspondence and documentation ( contracts, reports, payments) in Rumanian.

Description of the course

Speaking, listening, reading, writing skills, grammar and new vocabulary use.

To learn and discuss different business problems with the specific vocabulary.

To compose dialogues with the use of business vocabulary and to develop the speaking skills.

To use audio and video materials for effective development of listening skills with native speaker.

To develop the skills of presentation: conferences, meetings, and others events connected with business activity.

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