Which English Certificate lend to you!

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Which English Certificate lend to you!

Types of certificates of English language.

The certificates of measuring English language ability  can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. International certificate of English language

International exams of  English language allow you to estimate the level of knowing the English Language for foreigners. In Europe it’s used Common European Framework of References, as well the scale, which is made and promoted by Association of Language Testers in Europe. International certificate  of measuring the English language ability can be taken after passing  the exams as  IELTS, TOEFL,BEC,TOEIC,FCE,CAE,CPE. This certificates are the most popular one and multifunctional one : they are valid in more then 125 countries of the world, in a lot of European countries, in the USA, in Canada, in Great Britain, in Australia, in New Zealand. There valid for Universities, colleges, private and state organizations. But here appear an disadvantage the price of the exam is not so cheap and some of them are valid only for 2 years. Through of these the international exam needs intensive preparation.

  1. Certificate from courses and English language school

The certificate of English language school is given by schools or courses of learning language. There is indicated the level of knowledge a English language. This one has the advantage that is unlimited and it can be used in a lot of spheres inside the country.

What do you need a certificate for?

Which spheres do the certificates land in?

 To get a  job in Transnistria and abroad

The certificate, that proves your level of knowing the English language, will help you in the search of a job abroad or in the country: the employers prefer the employees with the knowledge of a foreign language. The certificate, that proves your level of knowing the English language is an advantage to your CV in English language. In some of the branches it is a big need employees with the knowledge of foreign language that is why the employers are ready to take in considering their knowing of language and no experience of work. As well if your job is related to communication with the foreigners the certificate will help you  to improve it.

To apply for the University

If you decided to apply to the University abroad  one of the international certificate will be included obligatory in all applying document. For example, to know where is approved the Cambridge certificate of English language use the web page cambridgeenglish.org This is a good news for those alumnus who wanted to apply to the Russians universities. Nowadays  a lot of native institutions take international exam certificates instead of  National Exam. This document will be needed to apply for the University? For example to see which Universities take the results of Cambridge exam you can see on  the webpage ankor-center.ru

To apply for embassy

While you are moving in other country you need to prove to the embassy you certificate of knowing the English language. In many cases it is obligatory with all the documents,

which are important for migration to other country.

For yourself

As a result of your exam you can see your progress. Receiving the certificate  this is a taste cookie and is a matter to celebrate, but as well a motivation which gives you power to move and to improve you knowledge.

Which certificate shall I choose?

How to get a English certificate about passing the course in our Center?

The certificate about passing the course is the simplest one  that is able to prove your knowledge.

Who can get the certificate in our school? Every student has the right to get the certificate about passing our English language course after finishing the studying level in our Center.

Testing is free. Notice: we won’t prove only your level of knowledge but that you passed a level course in our Center.

How is testing getting? Test will take you 1 hour. All test tasks are based on the studied material and as a result you can see your level of knowing a concrete level of  language.

Besides all of this is not available abroad you can use it only in the country, for example, to give it to the employer or present it at the interview to the embassy. Besides that, this document will be  motivation for you to apply for the next level of improvement.

The English Certificate is a good help for every life sphere and a good point of pride. And our advise to those how work is to  have this certificate. If you will pass an international exam or if you have a certificate of passing a course is a big help in process of searching a job. We wish you good luck!

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