1 June master-class «Hello English» in the recreation park «Pobeda»

What does it mean “Level of knowledge a foreign language”?
Which English Certificate lend to you!

1 June master-class «Hello English» in the recreation park «Pobeda»

1 June in the recreation park “Pobeda” was celebrated “Children’s’ day”. The Center of Languages and Translations “SMART” as well participated in this event and congratulate children with their day and was done the master class “ Hello English”.

In the master class the children was acknowledged with a lot of new words of the theme              “ Animals” and “ Fruits”, danced, drew and learned colors in English. The parents could ask questions that’s they was interested in from the teachers of the Center and estimate the knowledge of their child what concerns the English studying.

One more time from the Center of Languages and Translations” SMART” CONGRATULATIONS all the children and your parents with “Children’s day. We wish you a lot of health and good luck in your studies.




Photos from 1 June master-class “Hello English” in the recreation park “Pobeda”.


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